Connecticut quadruplets attend same college

Naugatuck, CT (WHDH) — Quadruplets in Connecticut are sticking together, even when it comes to going off to college.

Not only have they decided to stay close to home, but they have all decided to go to the same school.

Sofia wants to major in biology. Anna will major in English. Vincent will study communications. And Michael, the oldest, will take up civil engineering.

“Originally yes we did not want to go to college together,” said Sofia. “We thought being on campus together, would be like being at home.”

But after applying to roughly 50 schools, the four all ended up picking the same school. Quinnipiac University.

“First it was Sofia, then I think it was kind of me,” said Michael, “then Vincent and then Anna.”

The teens say Quinnipiac had a lot to offer, from it’s campus and clubs to the facilities for their majors.

Because all four kids are going to college at the same time, their tuition could have been more than $250,000.

Luckily for their parents, they all have scholarships, including Sofia and Anna, who will have half of their tuition paid for.

“We said it has to be your decision,” said their mother Anne Ciacciarella, “and they all came on board, all decided, and they’re happy, they’re really happy.”

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