Cool and Wet Before An Improving Weekend

Not bad, not bad at all. 

Morning sunshine yielded to scattered afternoon clouds again today, but this go around, little of any shower activity actually fired up.  Notice how those clouds seem flatter than yesterday’s building cumulus clouds? Those squash top clouds (not officially a term), indicated some drier and more stable air compared to what we saw Monday. 

Wednesday, the temperature pattern is similar with mid 60s coast and low to mid 70s inland and much of the day is dry before showers approach us from the west in the evening. Those showers foreshadow unsettled and cool weather for Thursday and Friday.  In fact, with batches of rain, and an onshore wind, we’ll hold in the 50s both days.  The steadiest rain is Thursday, while Friday’s showers are more hit or miss.  Ok, maybe a few towns near 60 on Friday, but still no bargain.

Saturday is transition day as showers become more hit or miss and temps warm into the 60s.  On the other side of transition day, is Sunday, which features sunshine highs near 70, and Monday heads for near 80 away from the coast! 

Have a good evening and go Sox!

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