After very warm weather kicked off the first 2/3rds of September, the pattern has changed it’s tuned a bit as cooler, more seasonable air has settled in the last several days. Today will be one of the coolest we’ve had with temperatures starting in the upper 30s and lower 40s for many towns west of I-95.  

High pressure still dominates the skies through the weekend as a few thin clouds from time to time mix in with the sun, but overall, a great weekend from apple picking to tailgating at the Pats game.  Highs today run in the lower 60s at the coast to the upper 60s inland.  Sunday’s temps run closer to 70 for many towns with more sunshine than clouds again.  

Although some clouds mix in Sunday evening,  I still think there will be enough breaks in the clouds for us to get a shot of the "Blood Moon" Sunday.  It’ll be a combination of a supermoon (full moon at closest distance to Earth in orbit) and total lunar eclipse. As the moon passes into Earth’s shadow, the partial eclipse starts at 9:07pm, total eclipse from 10:11pm to 11:23pm, then back to a partial eclipse until 12:27am.  It’s the first Supermoon eclipse since 1982 and won’t happen again until 2033.  The copper/reddish tinge to the moon is thanks to the light in that wave length spectrum that is refracted through Earth’s atmosphere and onto the lunar surface. 

More clouds move in by Monday morning and as some more moisture works in, a passing isolated shower or two is possible.  A few more showers are possible on Tuesday.  Not all towns will see rain early next week, so don’t expect much help for the lawns overall.  It’ll be mild and muggy, especially by Tuesday, but cooler air arrives again late in the week. 

Through September 24th, we were tied for the warmest September on record.  With the cooler pattern toward the end of the month, we’ll likely finish somewhere near the top 3 or top 5 warmest Septembers, but not the warmest as the month likely ends about 4 degrees above average.  

Have a great weekend and gooooo Pats!!!!!!!

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