Could Be Worse

I’ll openly admit it. Last week I was trying to avoid this week’s forecast all together. Didn’t even want to face the idea of 5-6 days straight with clouds, rain and cold onshore winds.

But the forecast slowly got better – at least, to a point. 5-6 days has now turned to 3. We’ll see the exact same day played out each afternoon: clouds, showers, some fog, raw temperatures.

These days, with the wind off the water, you can’t do much with the temps. Essentially, the water temperatures are equivalent to the air temperatures. And yes, water temperatures are cold…to the tune of 38°.

What’s more is that on Wednesday colder air may seep in from Northern New England and switch our rain showers over to occasional snow or sleet. I just want to leave that out there – and not commit one way or the other – since the entire setup is suspect and fickle. Over the last few days the weather models have flip-flopped over the idea of this cold air and how far south it gets. We’ll keep an eye on it.

In the meantime, we’re all living for the end of the week. By Friday, the chilly onshore winds will break and turn more southwest. Sprinkle (maybe a poor choice of words here) in a little sun, and we’re well into the 60s. 

Almost worth sitting in the cold rain for the next three days.