Shortly after a Canadian couple got engaged, they lost the woman’s ring in beach sand in the excitement. Thanks to their eagle-eyed photographer, they got it back after hours of searching.

What began as an engagement photo shoot turned into a three-hour long search in the sand for the diamond ring.

They lost the ring when Kristen Durand jumped into her new fiancé Troy Parker’s arms, causing the ring to fly out of its box.

“We were heading down to the beach to recreate the big moment,” said photographer Yakira Parise. “All of a sudden, the ring went flying, and we spent the whole rest of the night looking for it.”

The couple said fear instantly set in.

“It’s kind of like one of those worst fear moments that everybody with a ring kind of thinks about,” said Parker. “Like, where is the the absolute worst place that I could possibly lose this? It would probably be the sand, right?”

The couple called some family members to help with the search, using flashlights, strainers and a metal detector in what quickly became a race against time.

“We were really close to when the tide was coming in so Kristen was standing in the water trying to make sure that the ring didn’t get pushed into the water, and then all the rest of us were looking around,” Parker said as his fiancée laughed. “And it got dark, and we’re like, ‘Oh no.’ It’s now freezing cold, it’s pitch black, I can’t see anything in front of me.”

The couple’s photographer had an idea that ultimately saved the day: she looked back at the photos to spot where the ring had landed, and after looking at the pictures, she found one that showed the ring in midair. Moments later, after doing some digging in the sand, they found the ring.

Durand teared up when she found it in a TikTok video that has since been viewed over 25 million times. She said she never wants to take her ring off again.

“Once it was like, on my finger and I like, felt it, I was able to feel all of the emotions,” she said.

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