WOBURN, MASS. (WHDH) - Fishing at a watering hole is a classic summer pastime. Fishing up a Vespa is not.

A group of campers in Woburn managed to do just that when they took a trip to their local pond armed with their magnet fishing gear.

Members of the Summer Fun Group, operated by two lunch monitors from a nearby elementary school, took to magnet fishing to pass time a few weeks ago.

Using high-powered magnets attached to a line, Madison, Cameron, Dominic, Leo, Anthony, Rosie, Brody and Brayden had mostly caught fish hooks, bottlecaps, and batteries. Up until this week, that is, when the group managed to drudge up the magnet-fishing catch of a lifetime.

“At first I thought that it was a bucket with something like a tire around it,” said Dominic Crimaldi, one of the children of the group.

“At first we only saw what looked like a stick but it was a handlebar, and we started pulling on it and realized there was a motor and we actually found something,” said Candie Cail, one of the operators of the Summer Fun Program.

The Summer Fun Group was eventually able to haul the vehicle from the bottom of the pond using two magnets and a lot of elbow grease.

According to Woburn Police, the moped was stolen back in June. And while the owner of the bike is not requesting further investigation, the sight of detectives and police flooding their secluded pond filled the children with a sense of accomplishment.

“Everyone had to work together,” said Crimaldi.

The children also had a message for whoever dumped the bike.

“I think they should throw it in the trash,” said Cameron Benoit.

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