FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WHDH)– Neighbors in a Florida community were puzzled by the location of a barking and whimpering dog for days before they finally found her in a storm drain.

“I heard her barking for a while, did not know where it was coming from,” one neighbor said. “I kept hearing ‘bark, bark’ and I said last night, ‘This dog just keeps barking, but I don’t know where (she’s) at.”

Monday morning, someone was walking around the neighborhood, heard the cries and looked down.

“You could hear the echo,” he said. “I took a shortcut this morning, and that’s how we ended up finding her. It was basically like God.”

It’s unclear how the dog got into the drain or how long she had been there.

First responders were able to find and remove the dog from the drain, where she stood partially underwater.

Rescuers took her to the vet, where she was checked out and given a new name, Nana.

“She’s really skinny, but other than that, she seems really sweet and the rest of her physical looks relatively normal,” the vet said. She added that she’ll get increments of food over the next few days until she can eat full meals again.

Nana is doing well, and her rescuers said she’s now ready for adoption.

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