Crews tear down wrong home in Texas

A Texas woman said a crew mistakenly tore down her home in the after math of December’s tornadoes. 

After tornadoes ripped through the town in December, Lindsay Diaz and her family was thankful their home had survived the storms. The home needed repairs, but it was otherwise structurally sound. 

However, crews mistakenly tore it down. 

“The team went out in the morning. They called him. They said we’re at 7601, 7603. Is it the corner lot? Was it damaged by the tornado? Yes, yes, yes. Except the street was not confirmed,” Diaz said recounting the conversation she had with the demolition supervisor. 

The crew was supposed to demolish a duplex one block from Diaz’s home. 

“I did not believe he was telling me this. I was hoping for an apology … Instead, he is telling me how the insurance is going to handle it and telling me it’s going to be a nasty fight,” Diaz said. 

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