Crews work to remove cars found dumped in Norwell river


An unsuccessful recovery operation took place Tuesday in Norwell after two cars were found dumped in the North River.

One of the vehicles was identified as stolen out of South Boston, according to Norwell police.

A previous underwater operation was held to map the exact location of each vehicle, but crews ran into problems as they worked to remove them from the river.

The stolen vehicle was no longer in its original location when crews returned, police said. As efforts were made to pull the other vehicle out of the water, it fell apart due to its poor condition, police added.

Boaters have been warned of a potential marine hazard on the west side of the Bridge Street overpass.

Crews plan to return to the river on Thursday to identify the location of the stolen vehicle and to secure the other vehicle, with efforts to have them both removed. Due to the strong currents on the river at Bridge Street, police said recovery operations have to be planned with consideration of the tide schedule.

Marine unit members from Quincy, Duxbury, Marshfield and Scituate assisted with the Tuesday’s recovery operation.

Police did not offer any additional details regarding the stolen vehicle.