Such a nice, sunny day and more sunshine on the way tomorrow albeit a little chilly. The reason for the sunshine but cold temps is a rather robust area of high pressure…’s been with us all week and spends a little more time with us…and that’s a good thing if you don’t like raking your roof. This beastly area of arctic High Pressure will prevent the monster storm heading for the Mid-Atlantic tomorrow for barreling up the East Coast this weekend.

Normally, a powerhouse storm off the coast of Virginia would head for Nantucket and lay down a swath of heavy snow in New England but with High Pressure blocking the storms path, we only see a glancing blow of snow from this storm. Here are some early deets:

* In our maps section the *Special* map details the snowfall potential with this storm. Still looks like locales along & south of Rt 44 are the locations most likely to receive a plowable snow with much lighter amounts around metro Boston—a coating to an inch. A few flurries are possible north of the MA Pike.

* First flakes arrive along Coast/South Shore up into metro Boston between 1-3pm–very light & patchy. Some steadier snow is likely along South Coast Saturday evening & overnight and by Sunday morning only a few flurries around on Cape Cod. That’s it folks. Really.

* Wind will be a factor along the coast late Saturday through midday Sunday with most towns along the coast seeing wind gusts between 30-40 mph and gusts over 50 mph are possible on Cape Cod Saturday Night & Sunday Morning.

* That wind combined with astronomical high tides could lead to some minor coastal flooding at the 11pm high tide on Saturday and the 11am high tide on Sunday.

* I think we dodge a bullet with this one folks…I understand the snow lovers are crushed (and perhaps plow folks too) but still a long way to go this winter.

Milder weather looks to return next week for a few days.


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