State police have charged a New Fairfield man with firearms trafficking after they said they found him making and selling illegal assault weapons and handguns.

Michael Giannone pleaded not guilty to possession of nine illegal AR-15’s and AK-47’s, among 59 weapons legal and illegal,l and up to 20,000 rounds of ammunition seized in a raid on his home in March.

“Detectives received information that Mr. Giannone was manufacturing and selling assault rifles from his residence in New Fairfield,” Trooper Kelly Grant of the Connecticut state police said.

Detectives said his garden shed was part of a firearms factory. Giannone’s website is still active, offering gun parts for sale.

Authorities released a picture of Giannone’s business card which had the slogan “No names, no numbers, and no witnesses”.

One neighbor said he had no idea.

“Didn’t hear anything, wasn’t aware of any activity that was going on,” Fred Bergenson said.

Other neighbors on Merlin Avenue wouldn’t go on camera. One man said he heard a gunshot once.

A woman said she heard grinding noises and the light was on in the shed all night.

According to the arrest warrant, Giannone told police he was near bankruptcy after losing a restaurant. They told him he had sold an assault weapon to of an undercover officer.

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