CT police rescue suicidal woman from top of building

NEW HAVEN, CONN. (WHDH) — A harrowing few seconds were caught on an officer’s body camera as police struggle but manage to pull a woman off the ledge of a New Haven apartment tower.

An officer who was at the scene said there was very limited room on the ledge of the 16-story building.

The scary scene unfolded 191 feet from the ground at the top of the Madison Towers on Park Street in late July.

The 24-year-old woman, who was emotionally disturbed, was on the roof drinking and telling officers she wanted to end her life.

As one officer pleaded with the woman, her husband — a trained hostage negotiator — arrived at the scene.

He pleaded with her to come back, but the woman wouldn’t come close enough for him to grab her.

“She went back and forth on the rooftop, stumbling, and at points, she actually went backwards…again, I don’t know what held her up at that point,” said officer Elvin Rivera.

The woman eventually told officers she wanted ice because her feet were hot from the hot tar roof. When that ice arrived, officers saw their chance, pulling the woman to safety.

They were later reunited with the woman when she came to the New Haven Police station, this time with a message for them — thanks for not giving up on me.


To see the incredible rescue, check out the video above.

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