Customers lining up in Nashua, NH for Black Friday deals

NASHUA, N.H (WHDH) - The holiday shopping season is officially upon us and eager customers are lining up outside Best Buy in Nashua, New Hampshire in search of the best deals.

“Every year we come out, every year,” one shopper said.

Hundreds of people are lining up in the bitter cold to take advantage of Black Friday deals a day early.

Down the street from Best Buy, the Pheasant Lane Mall also opened its doors early on Thanksgiving.

“It’s a good deal, a lot of shopping for the family friends,” another shopper said.

Despite all the crowds, Adobe Analytics projects Americans will spend a record $3.5 billion online, but retailers say customers still get a good deal by shopping the old-fashioned way.

“You can see the people that were outside of Target earlier,” Ken Brown, the Pheasant Lane Mall manager, said. “It just shows that brick and mortars are still viable.”

Most stores at the Pheasant Lane Mall will close at 1 a.m., but the mall will stay open. The manager expects customers to start lining up soon for when the Apple store opens at 8 a.m.

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