The CW’s Supernatural is the last holdover from the old WB network, and the show is now its ninth season. Moreover, the show has undergone a creative renaissance in the past season-and-a-half that has kept it fresh and increased its ratings from Season 8. But how much more life does the show have left it?

CW president Mark Pedowitz fielded that very question at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday and said the show could continue until it doesn’t want to anymore.

“As a fan of the show who’s seen every episode, as long as I’m here and those numbers hold, God bless them,” Pedowitz said, according to IGN. “They can go as long as they want.”

Pedowitz also addressed the Supernatural spinoff, which will get a backdoor pilot in an episode toward the tail end of Season 9. When asked if the spinoff was still in the works, he responded, “Yes, very much so. It’s set in Chicago. Hunters, monsters…The script just came in.”

Finally, Pedowitz answered if any of the main Supernatural characters would appear in the spinoff:

“In the spinoff episode, they’d be in it. Whether they’re in the series… For me, for spinoffs to work, you have to stand them on their own two legs, so you can only do those crossovers when the time is right, like we did with The Originals. We didn’t see Michael Trevino’s character, Tyler, until the seventh or eighth episode. By that time, the show was standing up on its own two legs.”

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