DA warns police about suspect charged with stockpiling weapons, impersonating officer

(WHDH) — Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz held a press conference Wednesday to warn local authorities about an EMT charged with stockpiling weapons and impersonating a police officer because he recently violated the terms of his release as he awaits trial.

Because Christopher Barlow, 21, is charged with such serious crimes, Cruz said he felt a sense of urgency to warn police departments in Plymouth County.

“He’s been indicted on very serious charges,” Cruz said. “Because of the fact that we are living in challenging times, I feel that the people in charge of protecting our communities, our dedicated officers, the police chiefs, they should know about these cases.”

Barlow was initially arrested in June 2017 after a family member tipped off police that he was collecting a slew of weapons, including rifles, handguns and explosives.

The Duxbury native had been working as an EMT, but also tried to pass himself off as a federal agent, according to investigators.

Barlow was released on Feb. 16 after a judge ruled to free him from custody ahead of trial. Cruz said he learned Tuesday that Barlow had been visiting areas not approved by the court, which included a school.

“Barlow had been repeatedly violating conditions of his pre-trial release, including leaving his residence, visiting shopping centers and one school in the area,” Cruz said.

A judge denied Cruz’s request to take Barlow back into custody. There is no credible threat against the community, according to Cruz.

Barlow is due back in court in March for a pre-trial hearing.

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