BOSTON (WHDH) - Crews are ripping up the pavement on Summer Street in Boston Monday night as they work to repair the damage caused by an asbestos-filled steam explosion that occurred over the weekend.

A scary scene for the handful of drivers on the road at 1 a.m. Saturday morning as large plumes of smoke began emerging and pulsating from a manhole cover.

Emergency crews now say that asbestos was discovered in the steam.

In the video obtained by 7NEWS, the steam had consumed the entire width of the street by the time first responders arrived.

The car parked next to the leak seemingly disappears behind the cloud of smoke.

By sunrise Saturday morning, that car was coated in a white film.

A mess that also covered the street and sidewalk and forced that stretch of road to be closed for the remainder of the weekend.

While Summer Street was reopened in time for the Monday commute, crews returned in the evening to determine what caused the leak.

The air quality was tested and it was determined that there was no immediate threat to public health.

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