Danny Amendola living out dream of playing Super Bowl in hometown

HOUSTON (WHDH) – Almost every NFL player grew up tossing the pigskin around the backyard with their father, dreaming of making the winning catch in the Super Bowl.

Having grown up in Houston, this year’s Super Bowl will be extra special for Patriots receiver Danny Amendola, because he’ll be playing in his hometown with his father in attendance.

“When Houston got awarded the Super Bowl a couple of years back, we kind of looked at each other and asked what if, what are the odds,” Willie Amendola said.

If you play for the Patriots, the chances of qualifying for the Super Bowl are higher than most. They’ve made it in seven of the last 15 years.

“It’s always been a dream, I mean every kid wants to play in the big game,” Danny said. “It’s a blessing to have played in one. Another will be special.”

Danny’s father, a coach in the Houston area, taught him everything he knows about football.

“He’s more so my father than my coach. I never played for him. I played against him in high school,” Danny said.

“When you coach against your own child, it’s a very competitive situation,” Willie said. “Football comes kind of full circle.”

Danny was never shy about the competition.

“He would not let me cuss. I used to cuss a lot. I still do, and he hates it,” Danny said.

Willie said Danny once posted 200 yards in a game against him.

Come Sunday, Danny will compete on the biggest stage of them all in front of those who helped shape him.

“He was a huge part of my life, my football world,” Danny said. “It’s great to come back and play in front of him.”

“It’s really wild,” Willy said about watching his son in Houston.

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