It’s bad enough the sun gets up after most of us & goes to bed before us but to have all these cloudy days further adds to the darkest days of the year. The good news is that the winter solstice happened yesterday which means from here until next June we are adding daylight to our days—even if there is little to no sunlight. What we need is a big storm to sweep these clouds outta here!

That happens on Wednesday and it looks to be a big storm at that. Until then we are in a holding pattern with these clouds & occasional rain/snow showers both today & again tomorrow. Temps the next two days are held in the upper 30s & low 40s. There could be a little bit of freezing drizzle tonight through tomorrow morning along & north of the Rt.2 corridor and up into southern New Hampshire. The showers are more likely to be in the form of rain tomorrow rather than rain & snow.

The Wednesday storm. This one won’t cancel Christmas but it will surely keep a frown on the snow lovers faces as nothing but warm air floods into New England. We start the day with scattered showers and by late afternoon & evening it’s widespread rain (with pockets of heavy rain). Most towns will pick up between 1-3″ of rain by the time it moves out of here on Christmas morning. Some sun arrives Christmas afternoon but the cold does not as temps on Thursday flirt with 60. It will be windy for much of Thursday afternoon. Sunshine prevails for Friday.


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