Dash cam video shows man punching Chicago police officer

CHICAGO (WHDH) - Newly released video shows a man punching and body slamming Chicago Police officers as they try to handcuff him.

Police say he was high on PCP at the time.

28-year-old Maywood Man Parta huff crashed his car into his Chicago liquor store.

Bystanders flagged down police.

A witness told police he appeared to be “out of it.”

Huff was combative and started to struggle with the officers.

The female officer grabs one part of her handcuffs and placed the other on Huff’s wrists.

Video shows Huff slam the officer onto the street.

Authorities say the officer suffered a concussion, bone chips to her shoulder, a wrist and neck injury and had to have bits of concrete pulled from her face.

The incident drew wide attention when police superintendent Eddie Johnson noted that the officer didn’t shoot Huff because she was afraid of the potential scrutiny.


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