Days of Thunder

Cool front crossed this afternoon and evening. As promised, the storms started out in Western Mass. and marched to the east. The front was plowing hot, humid air ahead of it, maintaining the storms all the way to the coast. 

But a funny thing happened as the storms rolled to Greater Boston and Worcester: they started to unravel. While still producing vivid lightning and downpours, they were not as strong as when they rolled through outer Rt. 2.

So what happened? In short, it was funny thunderstorm dynamics. The long answer was that the storms were incapable of maintaining themselves over the course of hours. They needed help all along the way. I would appear that the front would be able to fill that void, but it’s not that simple. Mid and upper levels of the atmosphere are pivotal in storm maintenance in any outbreak. 

Bottom line: that’s why you didn’t get a good drink of water. Just enough to wet the lips in many cases. And what fell in some towns/cities will vaporize with the heat returning by Saturday, but there’s better news in the extended forecast.

One that has a gentle, steady rain in the cards for Sunday and beyond. Yes, you may have to give up a weekend day….but did I mention that it’s badly needed? 

With rainfall deficits of 5-6+ inches since March 1st, we are in a deep hole. Piddly thunderstorm rain just won’t cut it either. Slow, steady rain over the course of hours is just what the doctor ordered. Take it and run.

Be advised that with this small shift in the pattern, we will head below normal for most of next week. Change of pace, yes. Permanent change in the pattern, no. Heat will return in the first few weeks of June. Count on it.