DEA New England warns of meth pills that are being pressed to look like Adderall

(WHDH) — The Drug Enforcement Agency’s New England Branch is warning the public to beware of methamphetamine pills that are being pressed to look like Adderall.

Mexican drug cartels are pressing the methamphetamine pills to make them look like prescription pills in an attempt to corner and addict a younger market in America, according to the DEA.

Adderall is commonly prescribed to children for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The DEA noted that some effects of Adderall abuse are similar to methamphetamine use, including anxiety, nervousness, and paranoia, and the effects of both substances and long-term abuse dulls the brain’s ability to regulate emotions.

Any parent who observes these symptoms in their child is urged to contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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