A deaf woman in Georgia helped two boys she found alone in a car by texting 911.

Lisa Collins said she knew she could report what she saw because she was in Alpharetta, one of four police agencies in Georgia that provides texting access to 911.

"Our 911 dispatcher was able to text back with her," said George Gordon, from the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. Gordon said this is the first time anyone had texted 911 since they started the service in late 2014.

Collins texted to 911, "Someone left two young kids in the car, they’re about two and five, I think…," and gave police the location where she was.

"I have two children of my own and I didn’t think it was right to do that," said Collins. "I was thrilled when the 911 operator answered my text."

Gordon said having texting access to 911 is very beneficial.

"It could be domestic violence, whatever it is, where you don’t have to speak, you text in anything to the 911 center now in our city."

In this case, police said a babysitter left the children in the car briefly and they handled the situation without arresting her.

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