Quiet weather in the next two days, but before we get wrapped up in storm talk, let’s focus on the cold temperatures.

Next two mornings will be range from numbing to bitter. Overnight lows will hover either side of zero in the suburbs. Nothing earth-shattering here, we’ve been here before. But what’s most intriguing is that this cold DOESN’T guarantee an all-snow scenario for the next storm.


I’ll let the Merovingian answer that…

“Soon the why and the reason are gone and all that matters is the feeling. This is the nature of the universe.”

So my feeling on this is that some of the cold air will peel away and warmer air will infiltrate this storm. My thinking is backed by our weather models which individually will show lots of variation (every few hours they come out), but as a collective, come to a consensus. It’s called streamlining in the business world. And we find that it works pretty well in the weather world too. This consensus tells us that the cold that fed the last few storms will back off this time, and allow for some warming.

That said, there is no hard, fast solution to lock onto with a storm of this magnitude. Big winds. Big precipitation potential. Big waves (but not a slam dunk for coastal flooding…despite the full moon on Friday). Big wobbles too – which could fidget with our rain/snow lines.

I’ve narrowed it down to two possible outcomes:

Right now, I’ll play it on the colder side, but either way, you notice the rain is present and accounted for. That’s not to say it starts and finishes as rain. There will be some accumulation before the changeover to rain and/or wintry mix. Where it stays all snow, the potential is for a foot!! At this point in winter, it’s less about shock and awe with those amounts than it is about “where do I put it?”

Storm arrival is a concern too. Another predawn start on Thursday with the storm sticking around through well into the night.


We’ll keep you up to date. As it comes to us, we’ll relay it to you.

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