BOSTON (WHDH) — All eyes are on James “Whitey” Bulger — will he or won’t he testify?

“I don’t feel he’ll testify,” said Stephen Davis.

The defense was cagey about whether Bulger will take the stand Thursday, but Bulger is considering his options.

“Every single defendant has that opportunity and Mr. Bulger is availing himself of that as well,” said defense attorney J.W. Carney.

Judge Denise Casper pressed the defense after the jury left for the day Thursday.

“I will be turning to you tomorrow (Friday) for a final decision on Mr. Bulger,” said Judge Casper.

“I will be ready,” said Carney.

“He’s leaning toward going on the stand, that’s obviously why he leaked the photos. I’m hoping he will,” said Shawn Donahue, an alleged victim’s son.

Prosecutors criticized the defense for releasing various photos as potential exhibits Wednesday night. One photo features Bulger posing with former NHL player Chris Nilan and the Stanley Cup. Another photo shows a younger Bulger, another with an even younger version of him in a muscle shirt. He’s smiling with his brothers. He’s walking with girlfriend and the dogs. Several of photos who him with dogs. And one of him with parrots.

“This is obviously an attempt to salvage Mr. Bulger’s public reputation by releasing photos of him holding all sorts of animals,” said prosecutor Fred Wyshak.

But he wasn’t quite sure how successful the effort would be.

“We released the potential exhibits last night (Wednesday) because the prosecutor requested them from us,” said Carney.

The defense questioned four witnesses Thursday, including retired FBI agent Matthew Cronin. Cronin was so concerned about leaks within the Boston office, especially by John Connolly, he became secretive, refusing to write things down.

“You learned pretty quickly to keep your cards close to the vest,” said Cronin.

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