I think winter ’14-’15 is upon us. Just like last year, it’s starting early and with a bang. Hard to believe that the pattern is already looking eerily familiar to last winter—and we all know how that went. For this winter plan on colder than normal temps and near to above normal snow. I think there may be  larger gaps in the bitter cold this winter when compared to last but the overall picture appears like a winter our parents/grandparents would brag about.

Today does not offer any snow but there will be a lingering cold wind for much of the day under a mostly sunny sky. Temps themselves aren’t too bad, reaching the low 50s but that dang wind will make it feel like the 40s for the afternoon. Bundle up & grab the shades! Clear skies tonight with wind fading away.

Tomorrow (as well as the rest of the week) offers milder air as the jet stream relaxes and retreats into Canada. This relaxation will let milder air stream in here. Sometimes this moving process results in weather but tomorrow we’ll see some clouds mixed with sun otherwise it’s a dry day. Temps tomorrow and again on Wednesday are in the 50s & 60s. Our next storm is slated for Thursday afternoon (after 2pm) and lingers through the night but this storm has no cold air so just raindrops expected.

Good luck with that wind….and that Monday.


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