Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine campaigns in New England

BOSTON (WHDH) - Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine spoke with 7’s Byron Barnett Thursday as he campaigned for his running mate Hillary Clinton in New England.

Kaine did not hold back, criticizing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his visit to Mexico Wednesday. The former governor of Virginia said Trump cannot handle foreign relations.

“He goes there and he won’t even bring up the central issue in his campaign when he has a moment to talk to the Mexican president about it,” said Kaine. “Diplomacy is not for amateurs, it’s for pros, and he showed that it was amateur hour yesterday in that meting.”

Kaine also criticized Trump for not releasing his tax returns. He believes Trump may be hiding that he pays little in taxes or has connections to foreign banks like the Bank of China.

When asked about why running mate Clinton does not hold more press conferences, he said Clinton is still very open with the media.

“She talks to reporters everyday just like I do,” said Kaine. “I don’t understand why the other side wants to make this an issue.” Kaine also said he is not bothered by polls, saying people he meets on the campaign trail are not asking him about polls.

After visiting Boston, Kaine spent Thursday campaigning in New Hampshire.

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