Deval Patrick’s brother-in-law jailed for violating restraining order

BOSTON (WHDH) - Deval Patrick’s brother-in-law has been arrested again on charges he tried to contact the victim in an ongoing assault case against him.

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Police say 65-year-old Bernard Sigh violated a restraining order that the victim has against him.

In a Quincy courtroom Friday afternoon, prosecutors said Sigh reached out to a mutual friend days after being released from jail in an effort to contact the victim.

“The defendant stated that he wanted the third party’s help to set up a meeting on Sunday, April 22, between the victim and the defendant near the church without her knowledge. When the third party did not agree to this on the phone, the defendant stated, quote, ‘On to plan B’ and hung up,” a prosecutor said in court.

Sigh is charged with kidnapping, raping and assaulting a woman.

A judge revoked Sigh’s bail and ordered him to jail.

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