A diamond in the rough. It’s there, we just need to do a little work and we’ll have a nice early spring day. By “work” I really mean letting Mother Nature do the work as we have some showers sliding across New England right now. She’ll move these showers out of here by 10-11am and then skies will begin to partially clear. Once that happens watch the temps take off. We are already warmer now (7am) than at anytime yesterday–low 40s–and once we get even a little sunshine out there those temps will skyrocket through the 40s & into the mid 50s. Enjoy it!

Sadly, this is just a brief warm day warmup, which often happens in early spring, as we have another arctic front on the way for tonight and Sunday. This front will send temps back into low 40s quickly this evening and into the 20s overnight. Thankfully, no snow showers are expected with this front. Sunday is a bright day but also cold as many cities & towns only reach the mid 30s by afternoon.

Before you drop F-bombs let me explain why this latest blast of arctic air is not all bad. While we deal with a cold Sunday, a storm will move out of the mid-south states across the mid-atlantic. If it wasn’t for our arctic airmass that mid-atlantic storm would hit us with heavy snow on Monday but the the arctic air is heavy, dense & dry. Those three ingredients will shunt the storm well south of New England on St. Patrick’s Day sparing us from a major snow event. St. Paddy’s day looks cold but dry.


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