Sports and politics.

And, today, they're driving us in opposite directions.

We can't get enough of the Bruins; it's OK if we never see Sal DiMasi again.

The Bruins are the Red Sox, the Patriots and the Celtics; DiMasi is the Canucks, the Yankees, and the Jets.

But it's worse than that.

Because while sports and state politics are both games, they're not equal in their impact, or their integrity.

The last corrupt sports team was the Chicago White Sox in 1919.

But DiMasi is the third corrupt House Speaker here since 1996.

VIEWER VOICES: What do you think about the conviction of Sal Dimasi?

What a lineup it's been on Beacon Hill: DiMasi–convicted of corruption in connection with state contracts.

Tom Finneran–DiMasi's predecessor-convicted of obstruction of justice in connection with redistricting in 2007.

And Charlie Flaherty–Finneran's predecessor–convicted of tax evasion in 1996.

So I could argue that Massachusetts hasn't had an honest speaker in 20 years–when Flaherty took over the house. And given the power of the speaker, the whole institution of state government may be suspect since then.

So what does that mean for us? That all our doubts and distrust of state government will be reinforced…and that it will be even harder for the state house to retain our respect.

And what does it mean for DiMasi?

That he'll probably be going to jail.

We may not have gotten what we deserve, but DiMasi apparently will.

I’m Andy Hiller, and that’s my instinct

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