Disturbing discovery inside Boston apartment where twins say they found peepholes

BOSTON (WHDH) - A group of women are voicing their concerns after they say they found peepholes inside their Boston apartment.

When twins Ava and Bridget Moran moved into the ground-level apartment with two other roommates, they noticed what appeared to be matching peepholes pierced in their bedroom walls.

“We’re sleeping here, we’re getting changed here. This is where we dwell, so this is just really concerning that someone has access to this part of our life,” Ava Moran explained.

The hole in Ava Moran’s room was just below her full-length mirror, while Bridget’s was in her closet.

“There’s a hole and there was light and I knew that that actually was the boiler room, so I was like, ‘that’s not right,'” Bridget Moran said.

She took a video from the boiler room through the hole and could see right into her bedroom.

“From my headboard to my desk is visible,” said Bridget Moran. “I don’t know how long it’s been there.”

Their parents went to housing court, filing forms to legally withhold rent, citing safety concerns.

“I hand-delivered it,” said Susan Moran, Ava and Bridget’s mother. “Seven days later, my daughters got an eviction notice.”

The hole in the closest has since been patched, while the one under the mirror is being covered by duct tape.

Calls to the management company went unanswered.

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