‘Dive-bombing’ owl attacking skiers near popular trail area

(WHDH) — Officials at an outdoor center in New England are warning skiers about a “dive-bombing” owl that they say has been on the attack near a popular trail area.

Pineland Farms says an owl that inhabits the woods near the Campus Loop Ski Trail in Maine has become “aggressive,” likely in an effort to protect its territory and nest.

The farm believes the owl is either a Barrred or Great Horned owl.

“Whenever possible stay away from nesting areas until the young are old enough to fly. Especially, during the early morning and evening hours when owls are most active. Owls have been known to strike people,” the farm said.

The farm says owls are silent when they strike.

“If you must walk past a nest, wave your arms slowly overhead to keep the birds at a distance and wear a hat (or helmet) or carry an umbrella,” the farm said.

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