Six marines dressed in full uniform helped rescue a woman after her car got stuck on a flooded roadway in Washington, D.C., earlier this month.

The marines could be seen exiting a bus and marching to the aid of Virginia Waller-Torres, who recorded the whole ordeal on her phone.

“We thought it’d be a good idea to lend a helping hand and help out our fellow American,” said Cpl. Mitchel Wojtowicz.

Waller-Torres, whose grandfather is a WWII veteran buried in Arlington, reunited with Cpl. Wojtowicz and Cpl. Jared Tosner to thank them for their help.

Tosner and Wojtowicz are both marine corps body bearers, an elite unit that performs funeral services at Arlington National Ceremony.

“It’s about doing the right thing when no one is looking,” said Cpl. Wojtowicz, who hopes the rescue will inspire others to perform their own good deeds.

“If people just reciprocate that and do good unto others, I think our country is heading in a good direction,” added Cpl. Tosner.

The video of the rescue has racked up millions of views on TikTok.

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