Doctors use coconuts to highlight bike helmet safety

We’re all itching to get outside and enjoy some warm weather, and even get in a little bike riding.

Doctors say too many kids are hopping on their bikes without helmets.

Exploding coconuts seem to be the key to helping students understand safety.

One doctor is taking the tactic to Colorado schools.

He is hoping it will help kids grab those helmets, even if their parents don’t remind them.

The “Helmet Heads” program is showing what a difference a helmet can make.

“There are about a half a million ER visits a year, just from bicycle accidents,” said emergency room doctor Bruce Evans. “Unfortunately, a lot of those involve head injuries many of those injuries
are preventable or wouldn’t be nearly as severe if kids had their helmets on.”

Medical professional volunteer to teach and fit every child with something they may have never had, showing them it’s important to protect their “coconuts.”