Doctors warning parents about new “Tide pod” challenge fad

(WHDH) — Parents are being warned of a new challenge that is gaining popularity online.

The challenge involves laundry detergent pods — and it could be dangerous. Videos are popping up online showing teenagers biting open the pods. There are also images that show pods placed on pizzas or photoshopped inside cereal bowls.

“They can cause a burn to your mouth, your lips, your breathing tube, your feeding tube, your esophogus,” said toxicologist Dr. Frank Lovecchio. He added that the membrane could affect the central nervous system if it is consumed and then dissolves.

Doctors add that the pods pose serious health risks for children who put them in their mouths.

Tide tweeted out a video Friday featuring Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, reminding people that they should only use Tide pods for washing.