September has a way of lulling us into thinking that these sunny, mild (occasionally fresh/crisp) days will continue in perpetuity. It’s probably because we’re still in "mellow" mode from the summer, and can still wear shorts/t-shirts and enjoy the evenings outside.

At some point, the line in the sand is drawn and we switch gears into the "real" fall weather: constantly cool temperatures, limited sun, and plenty of wet weather.

But NONE of that has shown signs of showing up on our weather maps. The overall trend is dry, semi-mild and bright. That goes for this weekend.

SO much going on! High school football and concerts at Gillette and Xfinity Center tonight, Patriots at Gillette and NASCAR at NHMS on Sunday. In every case: dry, light breezes and completely rain-free. (Cool at night however.) Not often we can have a blanket statement like that across ALL of New England….even in fall.

Speaking of, the foliage is "meh" areawide…and that includes Northern New England. Certainly the lack of cold and rain is having some influence on the color. Perhaps making it late and dull.

Long range, things are trying to switch up into early October, but the signals are still mixed on whether we get any significant rain or see an appreciable cooldown.

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend.


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