Dog drowns in Marblehead pipes

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. (WHDH) — A dog owner in Marblehead asked the town do to something about a dangerous drain after his dog drowned.

“She got sucked up and I think she got pulled into that one,” said Michael Reiter.

The high tide was covering up large drain pipes. His six-month-old black lab puppy Cocoa suddenly disappeared under the water. Reiter reached into the drain to grab for her.

“As soon as I was near the edge of the pipe I started getting pulled in myself,” said Reiter.

Crews later found the dog’s body.

Dog owners that live in the area were shocked.

“I can’t imagine. I have a dog and I can’t imagine if something happened to him, so my heart goes out to him,” said dog owner, Allison Day.

Reiter wants to see a grate or a fence placed in front of the large drains and has even volunteered his own time to the town of Marblehead to help get it done.

The sewer commissioner told him a gate could be dangerous. His dog should never have been off leash, but the area is a popular spot to play. Reiter is not just worried about dogs though.

“I’m definitely worried about my kids. If I was a kid and it was high tide, what I would do is jump off of there. But having a grate in front of that would just stop anything from going in,” said Reiter.

He’s trying to spread the word as he grieves.

Calls were not returned from the Water and Sewer Commission but they, as well as the town of Marblehead, have promised Reiter they will discuss the matter.