Dog found tied to bench in frigid cold outside Salem animal shelter

Officials at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem said a dog was found tied to a bench outside their building on Tuesday morning.

The 9-pound dog was left alone outside the building on Highland Avenue for about 45 minutes in single-digit temperatures, according to the shelter.

“Maybe we’ll never know the name she has always known, what she has been through, or why you didn’t go to another door at our building to talk to someone instead of just leaving her tied up,” the shelter said in a Facebook post that appeared to be directed at the dog’s owner.

Shelter employees said the dog devoured a warm meal and was wrapped in blankets to get warm after being taken inside. The dog will remain at the shelter until a forever home is found for her. The shelter said they have already received more than 50 calls from people looking to adopt her.

The shelter said they are now looking for a woman who was seen driving away from the shelter in an SUV. Shelter employees said they do not want to press charges, they just want to ask her about the dog.

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