UNDATED (WHDH) — X-rays told a disturbing story to a Maine veterinarian. Dozens of tiny white spots found on the skull and rib cage of a dog were BB’s.

The black lab named Lady was recently found wandering down a road. She was brought into the shelter and adopted. But before she left for her new home, the doctor sensed something wasn’t right.

“I noted that she had some scarring, some crusting, some lumps on the bridge of her nose,” said Veterinarian Dean Domeyer.

At first he thought it was a reaction to some flea bites or even a dog fight. But the x-rays told a different story.

“I started feeling them a little bit more closely and they really felt like they were BB’s. if that’s the case that would be especially tragic because that means that somebody has shot this dog repeatedly over and over and over again,” said Domeyer.

The vet said all of the BB’s in the dog will stay there since it could cause more damage if they’re removed. But now the search begins for the people who did this.

“I’ve got to go around, talk to more of the neighbors and find out if they’ve ever seen the dog and if they’ve heard anything and hopefully we can find out what happened to the dog” said animal control officer, Laurice Ducharme.

Despite the BB’s, Lady is healthy, she is in her new home and in the care of a loving family.

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