DUXBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - A dog who had been missing for weeks in the South Shore area is recovering after being found in a boggy area, according to a non-profit.

Missing Dogs Massachusetts said “Henry,” a pet dog from Duxbury, only had a few scratches on him after he was found Monday morning, following over two weeks without a sighting.

The group said Henry was expected to be OK and was going to be checked out by a veterinarian.

7NEWS later spoke with dog owner Stephanie Mansfield who said it is a relief to have Henry home. 

Mansfield said Henry had been missing in the Old Garside Bogs area of Duxbury since Aug. 19 when she said she got a call from a kennel where Henry was staying saying he had slipped out of his collar and disappeared into the woods. 

“We were there first thing the next morning with food and stuff and he wasn’t anywhere to be found,” Mansfield said. 

Mansfield said she was crushed, having had Henry since he was just eight weeks old. 

“They become ingrained in your life,” she said. “They’re part of your life. They’re a part of your routine. And he’s not there. 

Mansfield was starting to give up hope. Then, neighbors Kevin and Nancy Bowens heard barking. 

Kevin notified the Missing Dogs Massachusetts network, which had been on the case and helped his family when they lost their own dog years ago. Armed with a flashlight and hedge clippers, Kevin then followed the barking until he found Henry on a small piece of dry land in the bog. 

“He kept on barking and it was helpful for me because there was no way I would have found him in pitch black and these reeds,” Kevin said. 

A rescue team went back on Monday morning and got a very muddy Henry through the water nearly 2.5 weeks after he was last seen. 

“Sometimes you lose faith in humanity,” Mansfield said. “I gained it back.”

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