Dog runs half-marathon in Alabama, comes in seventh place

A bloodhound in Alabama sniffed her way to the finish line and a top 10 finish during a half marathon. 

Runners said Ludivine escaped her backyard on the morning of Jan. 16 and took her place at the starting line of the Trackless Trek half marathon in Elkmont, Alabama. 

The hound was leading the pack for a while and running in a solid second at the half way turn. 

Ludivine would eventually cross the finish line in seventh place with a time of one hour, 32 minutes and 56 second, averaging a seven-minute mile. 

Ludivine’s owner said she was surprised by the puppy’s performance and that the hound is usually "laid back and lazy." 

Organizers said next year’s race will be renamed The Houndog Half and a special prize will be given to seventh place. 

The race leader said while he may have won the title, it was Ludivine who was the real MVP. 

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