An Ayer family’s dog was seriously injured by a porcupine and they are now warning other pet owners to be careful.

Jeff Porter said he let his dog, Zena, out Saturday night. But he knew something was wrong when she did not come back down the hill. Porter said when he found Zena, she was covered in more than 100 porcupine quills. Porter said he had never seen a porcupine in the area before.

"It’s traumatizing, you don’t want to see your dog in pain like that," said Porter.

Zena’s vet, Dr. Chris D’Orazio, said porcupines are actually fairly common and he sees at least one case a week of a dog stuck by quills. He said the number sometimes goes up in the summer.

Zena suffered a collapsed lung in the attack when the quills on that side of her body stuck too deep. Porter said he is warning pet owners to be careful when they let their dogs out.

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