Are you sharing your Netflix account with family and friends? If so, you're not alone.

GlobalWebIndex conducted a poll of more than 5,000 Netflix users and found two-thirds of them share their accounts.

Only 35% of users claimed to be the sole user of the account.

30% said they share their account with one other person, 16% share with two people and 19% share their account with three or more people.

The CEO of Netflix has said in the past that he doesn't consider password sharing a big problem as long as the user base keeps growing.

The service recently passed 65 million subscribers worldwide.

Experts say giving a new mom a push present is a growing trend, but an NBC TODAY Parents survey finds it's not for every mom.

The survey of nearly 8,000 found that 45% of respondents were not fans of push presents, 28% loved the idea and 26% didn't even know what a push present is.

If you don't know either, it's a special postpartum gift for a new mom from her husband or significant other that conveys the universal message: thanks for delivering.

They can be given before or after the birth of a baby and sometimes, even in the delivery room.

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