Donors replace special glasses for colorblind Swansea boy

SWANSEA, MA (WHDH) - Generous donors stepped in to replace special glasses that help a colorblind Swansea boy see color.

Connor Latessa, 13, is red-green colorblind and is unable to see colors with red and green as the base. This past Christmas, his mother Rachel surprised him with special $500 glasses that help him see color.

“When I put them on, I didn’t know what colors were,” said Connor.

Connor wore the glasses constantly until a few weeks ago, when they went missing. He thinks they fell out of his pocket when he was coming home from school.

“I think that someone has them and they just don’t know what they are and what they mean,” said Connor.

A friend started a GoFundMe page to help Connor replace the special glasses. Within seven hours, they had enough money for new ones. They will arrive in less than a month.

“When you look at the world, you always see all the bad and then you almost ofrget that there’s still a lot of good,” said Connor.

While Rachel Latessa is grateful for everyone helping her son, she still hopes the original ones turn up because they were still so new and expensive. She said her son learned his lesson and will be more careful with his new glasses.

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