Don’t Call it A Pattern Change

Time to cool things off. And bring in some rain. Lest you forget, it is November, cloudiest month of the year and second only to March in precipitation. (See right.)

But whatever we call this – a brief interruption, a hiccup, something slightly off center – we can’t call it a pattern change. 

The fact remains that pattern hasn’t – and won’t be – changed. We’re essentially being cooled by rain and a chilly wind off the water. It’s nothing we haven’t seen before in the month of November, and it’s not going to stick around in the long term. Plain and simple.

Onto the details of this coastal storm…

Rain is set to sweep in tomorrow afternoon, arriving south and southeast and moving up to Southern New Hampshire by evening. With several hours of dry weather, we’ll still make the mid and upper 50s tomorrow. Veterans Day is another matter. Chilly winds whipping in from the ocean will cap our temperatures in the upper 40s – a true taste of the season. 

Since the storm will be intensifying, we will see the winds ramp up steadily Tuesday night. Come Wednesday morning, there could be some gusts to 40-45 mph along the coast, Capes and Islands. Coupled with a pelting rain, there’s nothing pretty about that forecast. 

Tropical storm Kate will cozy up to our coastal storm, but they never join forces and meld into a mightier storm. Nonetheless, the fact that they may share moisture channels will mean a good soaking for us, with some spots receiving up to 1+ inch of rain. 

That rain tapers to drizzle and mist Wednesday afternoon, then we await a weaker system with lighter rain for Thursday afternoon. No rest for the wicked however, we won’t see bold sun until Friday at this point.

Hunker down and get ready for REAL autumn weather to (temporarily) steal the show.