Don’t Let It Get in Your Head

Yes, there’s snow in the forecast. Yes, it’s the 10th weekend in a row of some sort of snow. Yes, there might be some accumulation.

But don’t let it get to you.

Spring is here and this is just a minor pothole on the road to warmth – and eventual snow freedom. (Although I don’t see that warmth just yet.)

Snow will be light and intermittent tomorrow. It starts early and finishes late. There will be lulls, pauses and drop-outs. Not expecting it to fall heavily either, which is essential for accumulation. Given the fact that we’re on the edge of this system, I’m not bullish on the amounts.

And I’m certainly not worried about accumulation on the roads. They simply remain wet. Winds will be brisk from the north/northeast as this storm deepens far offshore. (Friends in Nova Scotia, if you’re reading this you will get whacked with 10-20 cm of snow.)

How about Sunday? It’s snow-free and er, a little warmer. Highs will make it to the upper 30s as the sun takes control. 

Lots of 40s in the extended range. Warmer late next week with a surge of rain coming to the East. Meh, that’s a sign of spring, at least.

Have a great weekend.