Door opens on moving MBTA Red Line train

A commuter said she was shocked to see the doors on her Red Line train open while it was moving.

Molly O’Leary said she boarded the train during rush hour Wednesday morning and noticed the door in between trains had opened. She assumed it would close once the train started moving but it did not.

"The train goes back and forth and someone could’ve easily fallen out the back of it, because that’s the direction you would fall out," said O’Leary. "Either way, it was pretty scary."

MBTA officials found out about the open door via a tweet and sent crews to fix it at the next stop. O’Leary said someone tried fixing the door at North Quincy but once the train started moving again the door flung open. O’Leary said she was surprised other commuters did not seem as worried.

Once the train got to JFK, an MBTA employee closed the door and this time it remained shut. The MBTA said the door was inspected later and no defects were found.

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