Door wide open on packed Commuter Rail train again; Keolis says passenger at fault

BOSTON (WHDH) - The door of a Commuter Rail train was wide open for the second time this week, leaving passengers standing just inches away as the train traveled at full speed Thursday night, according to video taken by passengers.

Mary-Jean Kelly took the video of the open exterior door on the 5:38 p.m. Kingston train that departed from South Station.

“It stayed open,” she said. “I got off at Quincy Center and the door was open the entire time from South Station to Quincy Center.”

Earlier this week, there was a similar situation on the Middleborough/Lakeville Line.

The man who tweeted out that video said there were no conductors in sight.

“There were people holding on for their life onto the bars so that they didn’t fall out of the train,” the commuter said. “A gentleman held the door closed while we were traveling. He lost his grip a couple times where the door would open and he’d have to push it closed again so no one would fall out.”

He said passengers were forced to stand in the vestibule because the rush hour train was so packed with commuters.

Now, passengers say they are concerned for their safety.

“You never know what could happen if a storm is going on,” passenger Emma Conway said. “Like I don’t know if people are leaving them open or if it just happens to open but they need to figure something out.”

These incidents remain under investigation.

A source close to that investigation says that preliminary findings suggest a passenger opened the door and left it open Thursday night.

The company that manages the Commuter Rail wants to remind people not to open or close doors on their own.

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