Doorbell camera shows large snake attacking man’s face

(CNN/WHDH) — A doorbell camera recently captured the moment a snake lunged off a porch light and bit a man on the head.

Jerel Heywood was opening his friend’s screen door in Oklahoma on Sunday when the 5-foot-5-inch serpent dug its teeth into his head before falling to the ground.

“Ahh! (expletive)! Take me to the hospital,” Heywood, grimacing in pain, said as he bolted into Rodney Copeland’s home.

Copeland said he was horrified to his friend stumbling around, yelling in agony and clutching his face.

“I was in shock,” Copeland told CNN. “That could’ve been any one of us.”

Heywood’s friend rushed him to the emergency room, where doctors determined the snake was not venomous.

Copeland later pummeled the snake to death with a hammer that was brought over by a concerned neighbor who heard screaming.

In an effort to protect his yard from future snake attacks, Copeland says he plans to spray his yard with sulfuric acid.

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