Crews from the Department of Transportation finished up their inspections of manhole covers across the state after a woman was hit and killed by one on Friday.

"We decided to send the highway crews out to inspect every single opening of any kind, whether it’s a grate or a manhole cover or an electronic crate or whatever it is out there," said Gov. Charlie Baker. "If we see anything that concerns us, we’ll shut it down." 

The decision comes after Milton art teacher Caitlin Clavette was killed on her way to work Friday. Officials said a manhole cover on I-93 came loose and struck her car. The DOT said the manholes are inspected every two years and the cover that killed Clavette was last inspected in June of 2014.

The DOT said they inspected 919 grates and manholes and 93 percent were fine. "Cautionary maintenance" was performed at 65 sites, according to the DOT.

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