Superb day all around. Sea breezes got a little feisty in the afternoon thanks to an approaching batch of wet weather, but because of that sea breeze’s stabilizing influence, there wasn’t a cloud to be found inside of 128.

That will change tonight.

Wet weather has been hovering across New York and Pennsylvania all afternoon. As much as it tried, it couldn’t budge our high pressure. Tomorrow, some of that high pressure hangs on and keeps us mostly dry across E. Mass, but we’re just delaying the inevitable. Friday is looking wetter and cooler.

It’s important to differentiate between what we’re seeing in the next two days versus the weekend. Thursday and Friday we’ll be slugging it out with a weak (but stubborn) weather system. That means we see lots of clouds, cool temperatures and an ever present threat for a shower. By the weekend, that system is gone. However, there may be a passing shower threat in the afternoon as the clouds build. Think typical summer fare here. Not a reason to cancel the bouncy house for the kids or rearrange your tee times. Let it play out: some hits, some misses.

Overall, a warming trend into the weekend as well. Temps will climb through the 70s and into the 80s by Memorial Day. Swell for a day of remembrance and grilling.

Have at it!

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